More Than Simulators® is made up of a professional team with extensive experience in the international health environment, capable of integrating in a single place the design, engineering and implementation of the equipment with the most educational value in medical education and patient safety .
At More Than Simulators we know that understanding the Client’s educational project, knowing its specific needs and having a clear understanding of its objectives is a fundamental starting point for a functional and excellent project. Our experience of over eight years in the market tells us that a successful result can only be achieved by building a solid work base. These are crucial ingredients for success: a multidisciplinary work team; technological solutions with the highest educational contribution in the market and a robust work methodology. This is why More Than Simulators exists: to help our clients find the educational solutions, methods and technologies that effectively and efficiently solve their challenges and create functional and excellent projects.


The experience, knowledge and strategic positioning of More Than Simulators, in combination with a set of international agreements and partnerships with the brands and manufacturers of the equipment with the most educational value in the market, enable us to present our clients with a global proposal covering the entire life cycle of a project based on Medical Simulation methodology.

  • An exhaustive Requirements Survey is indispensable for the success of all Projects.
  • The use of an Implementation Methodology adjusted to the Client’s reality and needs is what ensures compliance with deadlines and with the Project’s objectives.
  • An available and competent Support Service, coupled with an Application and Simulator Update Agreement and with a Service Agreement, enables maintaining your Simulation Centre always in operation, up-to-date, optimized and at an acceptable cost.


The implementation of a Simulation Centre has the following main objectives:

  • Installing and configuring the medical simulators and management applications of the curricular integration and audiovisual control according to the organization’s and the project’s requirements;
  • Integrating all of the centre’s solutions and equipment, creating a connected and functional infrastructure that enables extending their functionalities;
  • Training the centre’s instructors and technical staff in the use of the various medical simulators and management systems and tracking their familiarization with the solution as a whole.

To implement a Simulation Centre of Excellence, it is important to use a suitable methodology, capable of providing the ideal tools for the success of the implementation.


A Simulation project does not end with the Completion of the Implementation or with the delivery of the Project to the Client. For the Client, this is when the project begins!

At More Than Simulators we are aware of the challenges that a new project brings to the Client’s organization. That is why at More Than Simulators we begin the Support and Maintenance phase immediately after the Completion of the Implementation.

During this phase, we provide our Customers with a present and competent Support Service, which includes an Update Agreement for the curriculum management systems, medical simulators and audiovisual management applications, along with a Service Agreement. All of this enables the Client to maintain its Centre in operation, updated and optimized throughout its life cycle, all at an acceptable cost.

During the Support and Maintenance phase, More Than Simulators provides its Clients with a set of services, namely:

  • A Support Agreement that enables the Client to have phone or in-person support to answer its questions and to maximize the results of the simulators and systems, simplifying the technical support process from the very first moment;
  • Training and updating knowledge for the Instructors and technical staff of the Simulation Centre to optimize their performance and improve the use of equipment and applications;
  • Monitoring of the Simulation Centre and of the continuous improvement process to ensure the expected return on investment.

The employees of More Than Simulators are continuously trained in the new functionalities of the simulators and of the curricular and audiovisual management applications, as well as in the internal working methods that we continuously optimize based on international best practice standards to guarantee the best service in the market for the end client.


The Support Agreement guarantees Clients privileged access to our services, continuity in the provision of said services and outstanding financial conditions.

Support can be remote (phone support assisted by remote interventions), corrective (usually at the Client’s premises) or proactive (scheduled interventions to monitor the system and anticipate problems).


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If you are responsible for – or involved in – a project based on simulation methodology, you know that there are dozens of critical decisions that must be made for your project to be functional and successful. From the layout of the room, the location of the air conditioning equipment, the technical specifications, the most appropriate position and model for each camera, to the sensitivity of the audio equipment and the control of ambient noise, everything must be taken into account to facilitate the integration and the result, and to make your centre one that is functional and world-class. Neglecting the technical details can lead to the project’s failure:

Ensuring the rooms’ acoustic insulation is crucial for high quality audio. For this, acoustic ceilings with two layers of fibreglass and/or perforations that prevent reverberation (echo) should be used.

Choose dome-type cameras that protect the lens from dust and external agents. This type of camera enables the internal movement of its components, which are crucial to adjusting the quality of the zoom or rotation of the field of view in the audiovisual management system.

The choice of a workable ceiling enables greater flexibility in the placement of elements: cameras, microphones, audio speakers, etc. A workable ceiling also makes the installation more flexible in case a later reorganization of the equipment distribution in the room is desired, and no new work will be necessary.

Ensure the correct choice and location of network, audio and power cables. The different cables must be distributed in separate conduits to avoid electromagnetic interference between them and the resulting loss of data.

When designing your centre, pay attention to the minimum distance between the height and the elements of the ceilings. Doors must not collide with suspended ceiling elements or obstruct the cameras’ viewing angles.

Your centre’s data network should be separated from the organization’s network, thus ensuring the isolation and security of your centre’s information. We also recommend that all data cables in the centre have a different colour from your organization’s data network.

Keep HVAC elements (fans, air conditioning outlets, compressors, etc.) at a minimum distance from the recording elements. Having them close can cause interference with the recorded sound.

Ensure the proper dimensions of the door of your surgical block, delivery rooms, ICU, emergency room, inpatient care area, etc. The doors should enable easy movement of stretchers, hospital trolleys, material and medical simulators, both current and future purchases.

The experience and knowledge accumulated by the More Than Simulators team ensures that even the smallest detail will be taken into consideration. Everything we do seeks to raise the final quality of your project and to make it a success.

Regardless of your project’s kind and size, with More Than Simulators, functionality and quality are guaranteed.


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